Here’s the most basic pre-interview checklist, any job seeker should know:

  • Review job specs.  Study and analyse the role and responsibilities and requirements.
  • Do research about the company–  Always a good idea to visit the website/social media and know more about the employer.
  • Study your CV/ Resume. Most candidates forget that they need to do this. However, it’s quite important that you know everything written in your resume and be able to explain more when asking about something in particular that you have written.
  • Practice to answer any possible questions and come up with a brief professional introduction about yourself and a bit of personal information (hobbies, or if you are passionate about something or anything). Maybe practice with another person or in front of the mirror and observe if there’s anything that you could improve.
  • Write down your questions. This is your chance to know more about the job. Recruiters/Hiring Managers prefer candidates who ask more about the role and gives them a hint of how interested you are.