Digital Servicing Delivery Manager - 2170


Apply now as a Digital Servicing Delivery Manager, an excellent opportunity for you to project manage a top level team under a prestigious financial intelligence gov’t unit based in Sydney.

As a Digital Servicing Delivery Manager, you will:

  • work within the Innovation and Technology Solutions Branch and collaborate regularly with internal and external stakeholders.
  • project manage the Digital Servicing Product Team.
  • be responsible for managing the outputs of the team and to carry out the ICT transformation and enhancements, including legacy application management and decommissioning.

Selected Personell will be required:

  • to declare any conflicts of interest if any exist, are likely to arise or arise during the course of the contract. Conflicts could be: Actual, Perceived or Potential Conflicts of Interest.
  • to advise if you have a current or previous relationship within the deparment’s employee/s (ongoing, non-ongoing, contractor or consultant). Answering ‘yes’ will not be a ground for exclusion from employment and an accurate response is important to maintain the integrity of the assessment processes.
  • to sign a personal confidentiality undertaking and you will comply within the department’s policies regarding conduct, financial management and security or any other polices advised to the contractor during the course of your engagement or as set out in the contract.

For you to qualify:

  • An Australian Citizen and able to obtain and maintain a Baseline security clearance.
  • Contract is for the next 12 months and possible extension.
  • Able to work full time (on site) at the Sydney office – Chatswood NSW.
  • Can start employment no later than the 18th of March 2019.

Your main skills and experience:

  • 10+ years in development and support operational management of business systems.
  • 10+ years in project management and business analysis/engagement.
  • 10+ years in running agile teams using both Scrum and Kanban.
  • in planning, running and delivering projects via operational product teams combining operations, support as well as new feature development.
  • in change and release management knowledge.
  • in integrating Government Of The Shelf services with proprietary systems and components e.g. Elastic Search, APIs, Kibana, and CRMs.

Nice if you have:

  • understanding of government regulation and compliance functions.
  • knowledge of the financial intelligence landscape.
  • knowledge of AML/CTF reporting and registration processes.
  • Transparent team player and collaborative when making decisions.

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Sydney, NSW

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