APS6 Senior Developer - RFQDM22-255


GoSourcing is seeking to identify Senior Developers (APS6 ) individuals to support one of our Federal Government clients

THE SENIOR DEVELOPER (APS6) realises design, prototypes and testing support, and is responsible for the development of software and technical design. The role is responsible for the definition of software/technical design and realisation.

The Senior Developer works under the limited direction of senior staff. They exercise both initiative and judgement in the interpretation of policy and in the application of practices and procedures. Decision making is substantially dependent on judgement, skills and knowledge.

The Senior Developer manages and organises their own work in the context of competing priorities, including contributing to business planning, changes in workplace practices and business improvement strategies. The Senior Developer may manage a small team.

Estimated Start Date: 01st August 2022

Term: Initial Term to 31st July 2023

Extension Options: Possibility of extensions up to 24 months, based on performance & business requirements

Work Location: Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra

Security Clearance: Must be an Australian Citizen. Personnel must hold or be eligible to obtain a Baseline Security Clearance.


Mandatory Criteria:

  • Demonstrated strong communication skills, both when writing documentation and when writing code
  • Demonstrated practical experience in designing and developing high quality solutions in large and complex, enterprise environments (preferably with Federal Government organisations).
  • Candidates must be available to work full time
  • Candidates must meet the Weighted Criteria
  • Candidates must be able to work from the client premises in either of the 4 locations detailed

Weighted Criteria:

1. Technical Skills

  • Hands on or advanced level skills in developing technical SAP CRM solutions, with specific experience in the CRM One Order framework, OData and related components, including all relevant development environments and tools, for example SAPUI5, CRM,BOPF, BRF+.
  • Knowledge of BOL/GENIL Browser, ADT, BADIs, SAPUI5, JavaScript, HTLM5, CSS3 may useful, however experience using BOPF, SAPUI5, CRM, BRF+ would be highly regarded.

2. Technical Leadership

  • Demonstrated ability to: work as an effective team leader and support staff to achieve quality outcomes; supervise, guide and develop staff capability

3. Communication and Dealing with a changing environment and ambiguity

  • Demonstrated ability to: communicate effectively and adapt communication style appropriate to the audience; adapt to change and uncertainty and support staff through the process; manage conflict using appropriate strategies and determine issues for escalation; develop and maintain stakeholder relationships; establish clear work plans and timeframes for self and others

4. Ability to perform the requirements of the role within a large complex and geographically dispersed ICT environment

  • Demonstrated ability to: work independently under limited direction, prioritise competing tasks and work collaboratively to deliver quality project outcomes

5. Agile and waterfall work styles

  • Demonstrated experience working using both Agile and Waterfall work styles (include length of time working within each work style)

6. Analytical and problem solving skills

  • Demonstrated ability to: identify risk and steps to mitigate them; think strategically and consider the issues and impacts on work and work area; undertake analysis and draw accurate conclusions based on evidence; research and make decisions based on good judgement, expertise and knowledge

Canberra, ACT

ADTagile techniquesBADIsBOL/GENIL BrowserBOPFCSS3HTML 5JAVASCRIPTMDG and BRF+ for data mappingODataOne Order FrameworkSap CRMSAP Human Capital ManagementWaterfall