Developer (APS6 & EL1) - Brisbane


Developer (APS6 & EL1) – Brisbane

A Federal Gov’t client is seeking to identify suitable Candidates to perform the role of Developers from junior levels to expert and manager levels to help the agency create design documents, develop, test, support and maintain applications and frameworks involved in a software release life cycle. Specialisations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Angular
  • Pega

Developers analyse, develop, enhance, integrate, review, test, maintain, and document custom components in support of business and technical requirements. They use their in depth knowledge to provide technical advice and guidance to less experienced developers. They exercise a degree of independent judgement and make decisions within defined parameters that require reliance on skills and knowledge.

Developers plan their own work and contribute to teamwork goals in the context of competing priorities, and changes in workplace practices and business improvement strategies.

Estimated start date Friday, 01 March 2024

Initial contract duration 12 months

Extension term 12 months

Number of extensions 2

Location of work The work is to be performed at the buyer’s premises in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne. The Buyer will consider alternate work locations and arrangements on a case by case basis.

Security Clearance Must be an Australian Citizen. The level of Security Clearance required for a Role will be confirmed at the time of Contract.

GoSourcing seeks to identify Candidates that are suitable to perform the Roles as described in the tables below.


Senior Developer (APS6)

Main Duties may include, but not limited to, some or all of the following:

  • Undertake analysis, design, development, prototyping, testing and maintenance activities
  • Provide support to development teams to create ICT solutions
  • Perform analysis of technical requirements to support project evaluation with proposed solutions
  • Define software and technical designs for the realisation of high complexity custom solutions or conversion and migration solutions
  • Ensure excellent quality and maintain high standards in software development
  • Provide go-live support and maintenance for developments
  • Escalate issues as identified, propose and facilitate innovation solutions and suggest alternative approaches
  • Ensure compliance with endorsed software development methodologies
  • Provide comprehensive technical support to senior staff
  • Manage a small team including setting local priorities, managing resources and workloads, and assisting with the development of work plans
  • Develop staff capability through coaching, training, and succession planning
  • Ensure work aligns with processes and overall delivery outcomes
  • Perform cost analysis activities as required
  • Develop documentation for review by senior staff including technical documentations and progress reports
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to ensure effective and timely implementation of projects
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of ICT policies and processes and transfer knowledge to other team members

Main skills/attributes

  • Skills for the Information Age (SFIA) required:
  • Programming/software development PROG – Level 4
  • Specialist advice TECH – Level 4
  • Problem management PBMG – Level 4
  • Methods and tools METL – Level 4
  • Systems design DESN – Level 4

Ability to:

  • work as an effective team leader and support staff to achieve quality outcomes
  • manage conflict using appropriate strategies and determine issues for escalation
  • communicate effectively and adapt communication style appropriate to the audience
  • establish clear work plans and timeframes for self and others
  • undertake analysis and draw accurate conclusions based on evidence
  • work independently under limited direction and act collaboratively
  • think strategically and consider the issues and impacts on work and work area
  • identify risk and steps required to mitigate them
  • develop and maintain stakeholder relationships
  • research and make decisions based on good judgement, expertise and knowledge
  • prioritise competing tasks and work collaboratively to deliver quality projects outcomes


Development Expert (EL1)

Main Duties may include, but not limited to, some or all of the following:

  • Perform and manage analysis, design, development, prototyping, unit testing and maintenance activities
  • Solve highly complex problems and deliver high quality solutions
  • Perform high-level analysis of technical requirements to support project evaluation with proposed solutions
  • Undertake technical design and development of highly complex custom solutions, and/or standard conversion and migration solutions
  • Manage the release and ensure go-live production support and maintenance
  • Proactively share knowledge and expertise as the subject matter expert, and provide assistance and mentorship to less experienced staff
  • Ensure compliance with endorsed software development methodologies
  • Provide support to development teams to ensure high quality custom solution realisation
  • Maintain and support existing systems/technology to support day-to day operation
  • Report on the achievement of business outcomes, key performance indicators and quality assurance in the area of responsibility
  • Resolve escalated issues and suggest alternative approaches
  • Prepare and review a range of written material which may include technical and corporate documentation
  • Provide detailed, specialist technical advice to the senior executive where appropriate
  • Monitor and manage work output and quality against established performance standards
  • Engage and partner with other agencies and service providers to influence business outcomes, share information and to build service delivery capability
  • Influence and contribute to ICT strategy, resolving conflicts as needed
  • Perform and manage cost analysis activities as required
  • Support innovation, continuous improvement, and manage and lead change

Main skills/attributes

Skills for the Information Age (SFIA) required:

  • Programming/software development PROG – Level 5
  • Specialist advice TECH – Level 5
  • Emerging technology monitoring EMRG – Level 5
  • Methods and tools METL – Level 5
  • Systems design DESN – Level 5
  • Systems development management DLMG – Level 5

Ability to:

  • think strategically and align operational activity accordingly
  • develop and maintain a range of internal and external stakeholder relationships
  • resolve conflict using appropriate strategies
  • understand the audience and context, and effectively tailor communication and communication styles
  • develop long term plans for technical directions and manage work in the context of business priorities
  • undertake objective, systematic analysis and draw accurate conclusions based on evidence
  • make decisions based on professional judgement, risk evaluation and in the context of the environment
  • work highly independently under broad direction and act collaboratively
  • manage competing priorities to achieve quality outcomes and project completion
  • assess risks and develop and implement mitigation strategies

Brisbane, QLD