Data Modeller - Melbourne


There is a new focus on the data architecture of these solutions and ensuring that there are consistent data models which are fit for purpose and meet business and technical needs. With this, comes the need to understand the current data landscape, as well as conducting a gap analysis to determine what data models will be required to support the future data architecture and the client's business areas.

Key Deliverable and Responsibilities

1. Ability to work with existing data engineers, designers, and developers to discover and document conceptual and logical datasets and data models for existing and in flight projects and solutions.

2. Ability to design and document data models using industry data modelling standards and representations for data elements. This includes industry data standards as well as Australian Government data standard representations.

3. To support the design and definition of a common corporate data model by understanding business needs and requirements, and applying best practice data standards and data management practices.

4. Work with solution designers and data analysts to identify gaps in the data, structures, and relationships of new data required, and future data modelling needs.

5. Provide data modelling advice for continuous improvement, taking into account industry best practices.

6. To support in flight and future projects to ensure that data models are implemented consistently and as per the corporate data model.

7. To understand business areas and their needs, to ensure that data models and master data concepts are fit for purpose and support the transforming need of the agency.

Estimated Start Date: 04th April 2022

Term: 6 Months

Extension Options: 2 x 6 months

Work Location: ACT, NSW, VIC, QLD and SA


Essential Criteria:

  • Exceptional and demonstrated industry experience with reverse engineering and documenting existing data models and supporting solution design for future systems.
  • Extensive industry experience in applying best practice data management, modelling methodologies, and data modelling standards in developing conceptual and logical data models and ensuring that they meet business and technical requirements.
  • Experience with data modelling tools to design, communicate and publish data models, and support delivery teams to design and deliver IT solutions
  • A positive and collaborative team attitude with strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to proactively identify and implement opportunities of improvement and innovation in an agency’s data landscape.
  • Demonstrated strong stakeholder management skills and exceptional verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to effectively understand and apply both technical and business concepts.

Security Clearance:

  • Australian Citizenship + Ability To Obtain A Baseline Clearance

Melbourne, VIC

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