Talent Search and Sourcing Services

GoSourcing was founded in 2006 and started as an approved supplier to Australian federal, state, and local government agencies. We access the largest market of available Australian contract technology specialists. Government clients can easily source from us via the Buy ICT service portal, or via our membership of the Western Sydney Airport Panel. Agencies from all tiers of government can engage us to take advantage of standardised contracts and transparent pricing.

Through technology innovation, GoSourcing is now a trusted partner in Talent Search and Sourcing Services across Australia, APAC, and globally that provide customised and effective solutions for your staffing challenges across different industries.

GoSourcing offers our client the following:

  • Self-Service Recruitment Solution (Global)
  • Talent Search & Short Listing Service (APAC)
  • Recruitment & Labour Hire Services (Australia Only)

Self-Service Recruitment Solution


Each client has their own branded marketplace


Clients list their own jobs


Clients create their own panel of recruiters

End-to-end process

Clients do end-to-end process

Shorlisting Service


Clients provide GoSourcing with Jobs


Clients provide GoSourcing with the list of recruiters to invite

Sourcing Process

GoSourcing manages the sourcing process by providing clients with all responses or by providing a shortlist of candidates.

The GoSourcing Team

Get in touch with our Resourcing Services Manager to discuss your specific sourcing and placement needs. Whether you're searching for top-notch talent for your company or exploring exciting career prospects, our dedicated manager is here to support you at every stage. Contact us today to begin your journey towards successful resourcing and placement.

Aileen Marasigan

Resourcing Services Manager

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Our founders, Dave Goodwin and Chris Liddell, are technology industry veterans with diverse careers, experience, knowledge, and extensive business networks. They are not simply recruiters. The scope of their collective business acumen is a huge positive for contractors and clients. 

Chris Liddell

Executive Director

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David Goodwin

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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