GoSourcing via its Procurement Services capabilities, offer two services to assist Organisations maximise
its financial investment with third parties to ensure that they are:

✔ Receiving value for money in support of a Financial ROI and / or Risk Mitigation
✔ The contracted Product and / or Services are adhering to Service Levels and supporting KPI’s
✔ Staying abreast of the latest industry services and supporting products

Service Offering

The two (2) services can be provisioned as a ‘One Off’ activity, undertaken as a ‘Scheduled Event’ or performed as a ‘Retained’ or Contracted Service:

Australian Federal Government

Procurement as a Service

Optimise procurement processes, ensuring efficiency, strategic sourcing, and cost-effective practices. 


Procurement Excellence 360

A Program consisting up to three (3) phases to provide the approach to review and Baseline an Organisation's current Procurement Ecosystem, identify tangible activities that would benefit the Organisation, schedule and implement the activities to enhance the Procurement Ecosystem and therefore provide the Organisation with an updated and sustainable Baseline. 

1. Procurement as a Service

  • Manage changes over the life of Contract/s, ensure suppliers deliver to the requirements of the
  • Monitor and analyse supplier performance to ensure that goods and services are provided in line
    with agreed conditions
  • Manage the ongoing administration and variation of contracts
  • Monitor, analyse and review the effectiveness and operations of contracts to provide
    recommendations to improve supplier and contract management processes and tools continuously
  • Facilitate, and organise Supplier Performance Review meetings on a monthly or as needed basis
    as appropriate ensuring key relationship stakeholders attend
  • Monitor and analyse project performance as per the contract
  • Work with the supporting internal teams and nominated suppliers
  • Release and manage market approaches (RFI, RFQ), and provide final responses to Selection Panel

2. Procurement Excellence 360

Our Procurement Excellence 360 has three distinct phases where each phase acts as a stage gate for the client to
assess progress and then approve the next phase. This Program includes specialists with skills in
nine service categories. See Procurement Excellence 360 Service Categories below for a complete list.
Based on the answers you provided to our  initiation questionnaire and during our
initial meetings we propose to:
● Undertake a Health Check of the ‘Current State’
● Provide a ‘Services on a Page - Heat Map’ to support the in-scope activities
● Provide recommendations for improvements
● Develop an action plan for approval to progressively implement the recommendations.

Current State Assessment

  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Acceptance of current state
  • Benchmarking against industry & in line with business strategy
  • Detailed recommendations/ activities


  • Prioritisation of change initiatives
  • Phased program implementation
  • Capture Return on Invest (ROI)

Business as Usual (BAU)

  • New ‘Current State’ baseline
  • Transition to BAU resources & processes with continuous improvement
  • Tangible/intangible benefits (ROI) realisation

The purpose of the Procurement Excellence 360 phases is to:

Current State Assessment:

    1. Capture the Current State.
    2. Analyse the Data.
    3. Formulate the Future State Operating Model.
    4. Capture the recommendations and activities to enable the Future Operating Model to be


    1. Obtain the supporting approvals to support the above recommendations.
    2. Undertake a phased implementation approach.
    3. Communicate the outcomes and measure the Return on Investment (ROI), as defined in 'Current State Assessment.'

Business as Usual (BAU)

    1. Implement all changes into ‘BAU’ – Business As Usual.
    2. Track and measure the outcome of the changes as per the earlier analysis.
    3. Continue to ‘Own’ the Methodology moving forward.

Procurement Excellence 360 - Service Categories

The complete set of service categories supported by GoSourcing and our team of experienced specialists under our Program framework are listed in the table below.

A client questionnaire and follow up discussions ensure that the final scope of work is tailored to meet our client’s specific needs. Prior to the project initiation the client and GoSourcing sign off on the scope of Phase 1 and the organisations key objectives.

Licence Management

Sourcing Strategy

Vendor Management

Financial Management


Approach to Market

Partner Ecosystem