Assistant Director Business Analyst - RFQ DM-16643


GoSourcing is seeking to hire suitable Assistant Director Business Analyst (EL1 level) to support a Federal Gov't Department client in Canberra ACT

Assistant Directors Business Analyst work to understand how the agency functions in order to achieve its purpose and goals. This involves understanding the agency's capabilities required to deliver its services to customers and stakeholders. They develop an understanding of the current state of the agency or identifying future business needs in order to meet the agency's purpose. Business analyst staff seek to define and validate solutions (such as Tableau and Power BI) that meet business needs, goals, or objectives.

Assistant Directors Business Analyst analyse and integrate information provided by a large number of customers, staff, IT professionals, executives, customers and external stakeholders. They are responsible for understanding the core needs and requirements of stakeholders and the agency. They may also work to facilitate communication between business units. They often play a central role in aligning the needs of business units with the capabilities delivered by information technology or business activities, and may serve as a translator between different stakeholder groups.

Working under the broad direction of senior staff, they exercise a considerable degree of independence, with decision making substantially dependent on their own professional judgement and consideration of wider agency implications.

Key Responsibilities may include:

  • • Collaborate with others to clearly define and clarify business needs to create an action plan, solution report or business case for consideration of senior staff.
  • Liaise with a range of stakeholder to understand, gather and analyse their core requirements and concerns in order to meet their needs and the agency's business objectives.
  • Implement business analysis approaches that may include specifying team roles, deliverables, analysis techniques or stakeholder communication.
  • Assess the current state of the business to identify and recommend improvements for consideration by senior staff and provide strong analysis, verification and validation on the recommended improvements.
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis to increase engagement with a range of key stakeholders to effectively understand cross business functions.
  • Facilitate and lead communication across business units with a range of key stakeholders and represent the agency at a range internal and external forums.
  • Develop requirements and communication through scope, traceability and maintenance.
  • Produce and review business analyst artefacts and documents that may include risk analysis, scope modelling, problem tracking and sequence diagrams.
  • Prepare and implement change management plans and/or communication plans - prepare, perform and coordinate elicitation requirement techniques such as brainstorming, workshops, prototyping, observation or interviews, and confirm or report on results.
  • Prepare, review and contribute to clear business and stakeholder requirement documentation including prioritising, organising and verifying the requirements.
  • Lead the examination and organisation of requirements to record and identify dependencies, relationships and logical sequences.
  • Define the process that will be used to approve requirements for implementation and manage change to the solutions or requirements scope.
  • Review and consider project documentation and agency processes to determine deliverables.
  • Conduct risk analysis and problem tracking to mitigate potential issues.
  • Prepare and implement requirements management plan, including testing and quality assurance strategies and activities.
  • Implement performance metrics and reporting tools to effectively measure work, outputs and objectives.
  • Specify and model requirements through analysis using textual statements, matrices, diagrams and formal models.
  • Identify business analyst deliverables, the scope of work for the business analysis activities, resource allocation and estimates for business analyst work.
  • Promote the reason for a business change or capability that is required for the agency and/or contribute to the capability gap analysis.
  • Contribute to contract and procurement activities that may include Request for Tender (RFT), Request for Quotes (RFQ), evaluation criteria or cost estimates based on business requirements.
  • Assess and validate solutions to determine how closely the solution meets the agencys objectives.
  • Develop clear and defined work plans and timeframes for self and team in the context of business priorities.
  • Manage and mentor staff including coaching and guidance to build knowledge and capability

Estimated start date: 2/01/2023

Initial contract duration: further period(s) up to 12 months

Extension term: further period(s) up to 12 months

Location: Canberra, ACT

Security Clearance Required: Personnel must be an Australian Citizen and holds Baseline Security Clearance


Mandatory Criteria

  • Demonstrated high level experience as an Assistant Director Business Analyst (EL1) in large and complex, enterprise environments (preferably with Government or large organisations) with expertise in Tableau and Power BI.
  • Proven experience and record of accomplishment in the delivery of project deliverables on time and of high quality.
  • Demonstrated sound communication, negotiation and liaison skills.

Weighted Criteria

  • Experience in Data Visualisation Development in Tableau Technologies.
  • Proven knowledge and experience with Tableau products and solutions.
  • Expertise in development and analysis (complex data sources, using complex calculations to customise data)
  • Proven ability to interpret and represent information/knowledge in legislative documents/systems
  • Demonstrated high level communication, negotiation and analytical skills.
  • Ability to knowledge transfer to the Federal Gov’t Departmetn staff and mentor subject matter experts.

Canberra, ACT

Australian citizenbaseline clearanceData Visualisation Developmentsenior business analystTableau products and solutions.Tableau Technologies.