Senior Business Analyst - Adelaide


Senior Business Analyst – Adelaide

Estimated start date Monday, 06 May 2024

Initial contract duration12-24 months

Extension term 12 months

Number of extensions 2

Location of work ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA,

Working arrangements On site at least 2 days a week

Security Clearance Must be an Australian Citizen and the ability to attain, a minimum of a Baseline Security Clearance issued by the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency.


About the role

The Senior Business Analyst role is responsible for the plan and the design required for the Regulator’s Digital Identity technology solution. As a Senior Business Analyst, you will play a critical role in shaping the future of our organisation by collaborating with cross-functional teams to identify and analyse business needs, develop innovative solutions, and drive strategic decision-making. This position offers an excellent opportunity to leverage your analytical skills, industry expertise, and leadership abilities to make a significant impact on our business operations.


Key responsibilities include:

  • Gather, identify and analyse business requirements: Collaborate with stakeholders to gather and document business requirements, user stories, acceptance criteria, and features ensuring a deep understanding of business processes, objectives, and challenges.
  • Business process design: Detailed design and mapping of key processes across the business workflows including RACIs to create transparency and clarity in the Regulator’s role.
  • Use case identification: Identify possible use cases for the Digital Identity technology solution and prioritise these and their associated requirements.
  • Implementation and testing: Ensuring user needs are met, requirements are properly implemented, and testing is conducted to validate the functionality and quality of the developed solution
  • Quality assurance: Collaborate with quality assurance and testing teams to ensure that solutions meets the specified acceptance criteria and address business requirements.
  • Develop and deliver training and support: Collaborate with change management team to provide support with the development and delivery of end user training and support materials, ensuring successful adoption of new systems and processes.
  • Continuous learning: Stay up to date with industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies related to business analysis and share knowledge with the team.
  • Develop standard operating procedures: Documentation of the work instructions for each of the transactions performed by the solution.
  • Define future operating model: Design the appropriate operating model to support operations and continuous improvement considering key operating model dimensions including; Technology, Financials, Governance, Services, Capabilities, Processes and Roles & Responsibilities.
  • Develop detailed service design: Collaborate with technical teams to design solutions that meet business requirements and explore the customer element of the technology.
  • Solution build: Collaborate with the development team and serve as a bridge between business objectives, user needs, and the technical implementation.

To create a sustainable Australian Public Service, we seek contractors in the market who have experience working in and alongside the public service with an acute awareness of the importance of knowledge transfer and demonstrated ability to transfer knowledge throughout the duration of engagement. We are also seeking candidates who have proven methods of knowledge management and experience with knowledge management repositories and tools.



Key qualities

The Digital Identity program is a monumental Australian Digital Economy program and as part of the Digital Delivery branch, your contribution to this nation-wide initiative will be critical. Candidates for this position are expected to be enterprising in nature to seek and realise opportunities and pursue contemporary approaches and thinking to improve outcomes. Complimentary to this is the need to collaborate, consult and communicate effectively with stakeholders both internal to the branch and division and externally to the agency – a customercentric mindset to this is crucial, prioritising the needs and rights of existing and future participants.

Candidates for this position are expected to embody behaviours and traits that align seamlessly with the ACCC’s values and role. Highly regarded qualities include an unwavering commitment to integrity, ethical conduct, and trust, coupled with a dedication to adhering to professional standards.


In addition, the following traits will be integral to success in this role;

  • Adaptability: Embrace change with a positive attitude, quickly adjust to evolving priorities, and proactively seek innovative solutions to challenges.
  • Problem Solving: Exhibit strong problem-solving skills, taking a proactive approach to identify and resolve issues, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Ownership and Accountability: Take ownership of tasks and projects, meet deadlines, and be accountable for outcomes, with a focus on delivering high-quality results.
  • Resilience: Stay resilient under pressure, handle setbacks positively, and maintain a constructive outlook in challenging situations.
  • Continuous Learning: Demonstrate a commitment to ongoing personal and professional development, staying current with industry trends, technologies, and best practices.
  • Empowerment: Empower and support colleagues by fostering an inclusive, diverse, and supportive work environment that promotes equity, growth, and personal well-being.
  • Quality Orientation: Strive for excellence and ensure that all work is completed to high standards, consistently seeking ways to enhance the quality of deliverables.
  • Feedback-Driven: Actively seek and provide constructive feedback to foster continuous improvement in individual and team performance.
  • Time Management: Effectively manage time and priorities, balancing multiple tasks and responsibilities to meet deadlines and optimise productivity.
  • Conflict Resolution: Approach conflicts with empathy, openness, and a solution-oriented mindset, seeking to resolve issues professionally and constructively

Selection criteria

Candidates must have demonstrated experience in:

  • Experience in gathering, identifying, analysing, and documenting business requirements in user story format,
  • Proficiency in business analysis, including the use of industry-standard tools and techniques to analyse business processes, gather and prioritise requirements, and facilitate effective decision-making.
  • Knowledge of implementation and testing process,
  • Understanding of business and design principles,
  • Strong communication and stakeholder management skills,
  • Attention to detail and problem-solving abilities,
  • Knowledge of industry standards and leading practice.

While not required, the additional job-specific criteria below are highly desirable:

  • Certification in business analysis
  • Knowledge and certification in BPMN 2.0
  • Knowledge and certification in Lean Six Sigma

Adelaide, SA

senior business analyst