Test Specialist - 3389


Excellent opportunity for Test Specialist(s) to work with a team within a Federal Govt Department in Barton ACT and to deliver and maintain a range of business critical applications.

Successful applicant(s) will demonstrate the ability to cope with growing complexity and creativity in design by thinking outside the box to determine the best way a test can be performed. Applying both business and functional knowledge, develop end-to-end testing strategies through the use of quality processes and methodologies.

Test Specialist will:

  • Define, document and obtain approval for Test strategy and plans, including objectives, overall phasing and testing methodology and standards
  • Ownership of manual and automated test cases
  • Define and track test metrics, including code coverage, quality and performance
  • Manage execution of testing efforts; including meeting committed delivery dates for released and soon to be released applications and components
  • Review the development process to ensure that defect tracking (identification, fixing, retesting and migration defects) is properly addressed. If not, define the defect tracking process and incorporate it into the overall development process.
  • Facilitate structured walk-throughs, user acceptance testing and peer reviews
  • Coordinate and execute regression testing, test automation, performance testing, functionality and usability testing
  • Plan and execute test scripts and scenarios
  • Follow bug reporting and tracking process

Your main skills and experience

  • Coordinating and executing regression testing.
  • Test automation.
  • Performance testing.
  • Functionality and usability testing.
  • Planning and executing test scripts and scenarios.
  • Developing test plans and entry/exit criteria.
  • At least three years experience in testing IT packages.
  • Strong IT skills to deliver outcomes that achieve a high customer experience.
  • Solid understanding of application development lifecycle processes using Agile methodologies.
  • Ability to work as a team member and contribute positively to the work of the team.
  • Tertiary qualification in IT, Software Engineering or Computer Science (preferred).

For you to qualify

  • Australian Citizen.
  • Ability to obtain a negative vetting level 2 clearance.
  • Estimate start of employment is 1st of October 2019.
  • Amenable for a 12 month contract engagement with the option to extend up to 36 months.
  • Can work full time and on-site at Barton ACT office.

Barton, ACT

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