Tableau Developer (Data Explorer) - RFQ-19688


In response to the recently passed Workplace Gender Equality Amendment (Closing the Gender Pay Gap) Bill 2023 in March, a Reform Delivery Project (RDP) is formed to deliver the required changes. The identified requirement under REC2: Publishing GPG > Platform to Publish GPGs, will require the changes in our data explorer that we generally share our insights with the general public.

The Data Explorer which is built in Tableau, accessible at the agency website will provide the following

  • The insights published will be grouped into 6 Gender Equality Indicators at National, Industry, and Employer level with filters in sub-division (ANZSIC), group (ANZSIC), class (ANZSIC), or business size.
  • Gender Pay Gap (GPG)
  • Workforce Composition
  • Boards and Governing Bodies
  • Employer action to improve: Policies and strategies, flexible work, domestic violence support, parental leave & support for carers.
  • Sexual harassment and discrimination
  • Employee consultation
  • The data explorer should provide a page where it allows the user to compare the data between industry, and employers.
  • The data explorer will also provide secondary page to preselect data points for data extractions for their own analysis.
  • Each employer GPG commentary, website link.
  • The public report will remain unchanged.

The procurement service is required to engage tableau and insight developer to deliver the above requirements by two phases – Nov 2023 (regular annual release) and early 2024 (new GPG release). The service will also to serve secondary ad-hoc insight requests using Tableau (other than what is outlined above) from the agency that deem fit within the allocated budget.

Estimated start date Monday, 04 September 2023

Initial contract duration Estimated Contract end 30 April 2024

Extension term Not applicable

Location of work ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA, Offsite

Working arrangements located in Sydney at 309 Kent Street. Work can occur remotely or at any of the above office location. Periodic progress tracking and status update meeting required either face-to-face or virtual team meetings.

Security clearance Must have Baseline


Essential criteria

  1. The candidate should have good track of delivery record for government agencies in delivering Tableau reporting and visualizations, including dashboard build (preferably 3 years or more of experience).
  2. The candidate should have experience in delivering simplified and lean data models (within Tableau) to address our reporting needs.
  3. “Can do” attitude in exploring and stretching limitations to fulfil most of our reporting needs in a non-negotiable delivery timeline.
  4. Experienced and works well in government agencies data reporting platform.

Sydney, NSW

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