Accredited Government Supplier

GoSourcing is an approved supplier to Australian federal, state, and local government agencies. We access the largest market of available Australian contract technology specialists. Government clients can easily source from us via the Buy ICT service portal, or via our membership of the Western Sydney Airport Panel. Agencies from all tiers of government can engage us to take advantage of standardised contracts and transparent pricing.

This is a simple and convenient pathway to enlist GoSourcing’s superior offering.

We are an accredited labour hire company in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, NSW, and the ACT.

Australian-Owned Tech Recruiting

Founded in 2006, GoSourcing is a responsive and client-focused Australian-owned technology services company. The successful entrepreneurs at the helm of GoSourcing believe great outcomes require strong engagement with our clients, our team members, our specialist vendors, and the broader business and social community.

Map of Australia - Locally Owned Technical Recruiting Resvices

The GoSourcing Team

Our founders, Dave Goodwin and Chris Liddell, are technology industry veterans with diverse careers, experience, knowledge, and extensive business networks. They are not simply recruiters. The scope of their collective business acumen is a huge positive for contractors and clients. 

Our Chairman, Nick Sherry, brings independent oversight and a wealth of knowledge. Nick was a successful Senator for Tasmania for 22 years as well as a federal government minister. Post politics, his consultancy has undertaken work in 19 countries for diverse clients such as Citibank, EY, the OECD, the World Economic Forum, and many others.

Chris Liddell

Executive Director

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David Goodwin

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Hon Nick Sherry